Survey on Traffic in West Conshohocken

Back in 2015 there was an online petition that involved requests concerning traffic management in West Conshohocken. One specific request was for speed humps on certain roads. West Conshohocken’s Borough Council approved an ordinance that would allow for speed humps under certain conditions back in July of 2016  (read the ordinance), but then this week voted against specific speed humps on Moorehead Avenue.

According to a post by West Conshy resident Tori Conicello-Emery on the Facebook Group – West Conshy Residents Network, the vote against the speed humps was based on concerns by the George Clay Fire Department. The department is concerned about the potential for damage to its vehicles and a reduction in its response time.

Conicello-Emery shared with us that there is going to be a vote involving resurfacing streets in West Conshohocken and that the issue could be resurrected with that vote.

She has launched a survey for West Conshohocken residents that asks for input on issues involving traffic within West Conshy and whether the concerns of the fire department outweigh those for slowing traffic and safety.

Below is the text from the post on Facebook. You can complete the survey here.

Dear friends/neighbors,

Many of you signed an online petition regarding issues with traffic and speeding within our borough. In response, the council created an ordinance so that traffic calming devices could be implemented, specifically speed humps. The ordinance was passed with a 5 to 2 vote. There was a process put in place for speed humps that included a speed study and signatures on a petition for the street where residents would like to have speed humps. The first street that applied for speed humps with Moorehead Ave. This particular street past the requirements for the speed study and obtained the appropriate amount of signatures needed to implement them. Many saw this as a positive change in the right direction considering some of the dangers that residents and their children have experienced on that particular Street. Others solid (sic, think it is meant to read “saw it”) as an opportunity to possibly improve the situation on their own streets with in the borough. Unfortunately, the council voted against the speed humps on Moorehead Ave with a 5 to 2 vote (Greg Lynch and Joe Boxman voted in favor of the speed humps). This decision was made in response to the fire departments concern for their response time and possible damage to their vehicles should speed humps be implemented. I have included a survey to complete on this matter. Please take two minutes to share your thoughts with the borough. I believe that our community really needs to engage in these concerns in anyway we can. The best way to do this is to attend council meetings, call the borough, get to know your council members and, of course, taking surveys and signing petitions. I will be happy to share the results with the Council members and borough staff. Let it be clear that I hold our first responders in very high regard. However, we all need to consider the many angles of a complex situation and come to a conclusion that can serve and work for all. Let this be a door to an open and RESPECTFUL dialogue.