Summer Flavor Pairings In-Season at Tradestone Confections

Tradestone Confections has new spring and summer flavor pairings that include juicy berries, bright citrus, and fragrant herbs. The new seasonal flavors include:

Mango Lime
Creamy white chocolate is infused with the lush flavor of ripe mangos and zippy, bright lime juice. Keep a stash of these handy for when you need a tropical vacation in one bite.

Strawberry Verbena
Picked at their peak of perfumed sweetness, the local strawberries used in this white chocolate candy are enhanced with lemony Verbena leaves for an invigorating taste of the spring.

The jewel-like raspberry and all things cocoa are famously good together. This chocolate honors their union, allowing the bright, fruity flavors of ripe berries to underscore those notes in chocolate.

These seasonal flavors, along with many more, are part of our Summer Assortment, available in both 16 piece and 32 piece gift boxes.