The Story Behind the Suspected Bomb in Plymouth Meeting

On Tuesday, February 27th, reported on a suspected bomb in Plymouth Meeting. The person who lives at the home on Ava Court, Hayden McCall, shared on the Facebook page the details on what went down and why he suspected something left at his home overnight was a bomb. His story starts when asked what the package actually contained. He answered:

Beer. Had a roommate that departed Monday after having been evicted. That evening, some nasty text messages were exchanged. In the morning when my other roommate went to leave for work, there was a styrofoam box on the front porch that said “Caution when opening” or something to that effect. It wasn’t labeled/addressed, and neither of us were expecting anything from anyone. Given the nature of the events the previous evening, it seemed odd. So I called the Plymouth Township police. They called in a K-9 unit that arrived from Lower Merion. The dog apparently didn’t like what was there (maybe it was the dry ice inside?) and they called in the Montgomery County bomb squad. They used something innocuous to “blow up” the styrofoam cooler after they’d x-rayed the box. That way they could see exactly what was inside without damaging/detenonating (sic) it. I guess 3 cans of beer in an X-ray can look a lot like pipe bombs. At any rate, I posted on my FB page asking whomever may have left a box on my porch to contact me. A friend of mine apparently had been going to work at 3-4 in the AM and left the box. He didn’t text or call because it was early and he didn’t want to wake me. He put “caution when opening” on the box because it had dry ice inside.

At any rate, everyone I spoke to said I did the right thing. THe (sic) neighbors appreciated it, and in hindsight, everyone else said it was good practice.

Moral of the story, in a day and age when people are shooting up schools and otherwise doing stupid shit, let people know when you’re dropping shit off on their porch, especially when you express that opening said package required “caution.”

Sidenote, had I not had any drama with a roommate the night prior, I probably would have just opened it and nothing would have come of it. However, I could have blown up myself and my neighbors too. lol

So there you have it.

Photo: Kimberly Gider