Stateside Vodka Has Local Connection to Plymouth Meeting

Three years ago, two natives of Fort Washington, brothers Matthew and Bryan Quigley, decided to use a corner of their parent’s basement as a distillery. After months of tweaking in the basement the Quigley’s perfected their recipe. Samples were sent off to a professor at Michigan State and the brothers were asked to come apprentice for the summer.

After completing the program at Michigan State they did some private consulting for a Polish vodka company. Once back “stateside,” they finished their business plan and turned to a friend, Plymouth Meeting’s Dave Downey, to find investors. Downey set out on a mission and found that person in Clement Pappas, the former CEO of a large juice manufacturing company turned angel investor. Downey strategically left a business plan at Pappas’s birthday party, and a week later Federal Distilling and Stateside Urbancraft Vodka were born.

If you are interested in trying Stateside Vodka, it can be found at several bars and restaurants in the Conshohocken area including Southern Cross, Gypsy Saloon, Coyote Crossing, Great American Pub, Pepperoncini and Guppy’s Good Times. It is also available at the Wine & Spirits on the corner of Ridge and Butler Pikes.