Statement from group of Conshohocken/West Conshohocken restaurants on response to Coronavirus

This evening we received the following statement from a group of Conshohocken/West Conshohocken restaurants in regards to the Coronavirus and how they plan to respond to the situation outlined today by Governor Tom Wolf. While Governor Wolf ordered many public places to close, he did not include restaurants.

Below is the statement:

To our beloved Conshy Community, from your neighborhood food and beverage purveyors:

Like you, we are stunned and confused by the unprecedented circumstances we face, and are doing our best to navigate within our shared community. In an effort to proactively address these times, we have gathered as a group to discuss how to best respect the concerns and recommendations of Government health services, and also provide the service of community asset we endeavor to be for our customers. We also extend these concerns to our staff, who live in this community, and rely on our business for their livelihoods. Clearly, everyone’s health and wellbeing come first. At the time we offer this message we have discussed many amendments to normal business operations, including shortened hours, limited menus, limited staff, enhanced delivery options and many more. The rapid nature of change surrounding our obligations and limitations at the direction of our Health department, may change this message quickly. However, we felt obligated to reach out to our friends, associates, customers, and neighbors to offer reassurance that we want to be here for you to the best of our ability inside our responsibility to community safety. We will stay in touch as this story unfolds, be safe, and thank you all.

Restaurants that have thus far signed onto this statement are:

Jasper’s Backyard
Jasper’s WestSide
Flanigan’s Boathouse
Pieri Restaurant Group (Cerdo, The StoneRose, Bar Lucca)
The Great American Pub
Conshy Girls (Southern Cross Kitchen, Gypsy Saloon)
Guppy’s Good Times
Izenberg’s Deli
Fayette Street Grille
Edwards Freeman Nut Co.
Pasta Via
Lenny’s Deli
Coyote Crossing
The Lucky Dog Gastropub
Conshy Corner Tavern

Note that this happened quickly and not every restaurant signed off on the statement as of yet. We will update as appropriate.