State Rep Matt Bradford (D) Doesn’t Disclose His Law Firm Represents Colonial School Board – Gets Booed

As previously reported, during the last meeting of the Colonial School Board elected officials to the state level lined up to speak in favor of the school board adopting a “Responsible Contractors” policy. This included State Representative Matt Bradford (D) who represents a portion of Plymouth Township.

In addition to being an elected official, Bradford is an attorney with Rudolph & Clarke, the law firm that represents the Colonial School Board. Bradford did not disclose this when he spoke and was eventually asked to do so by School Board Member Susan Moore (D).

Bradford’s law firm wrote the policy being considered.

The person who put the Clarke in Rudolph & Clarke is the solicitor for the school board.

The fact that Bradford didn’t acknowledge this fact upfront is problematic. He blows it off and compares it to being an Eagles fan and a former employee of the Eagles serving on the board. Yikes.

The fact that Michael Clarke did not stop Bradford when he started speaking and made the acknowledgement is troubling.

Bradford was booed by the crowd.

Bradford is up for election and his opponent, Chris Mundiath, sent a statement. It reads:

I will first start off by saying the so called “Responsible Contractor Policy ” is anything but responsible. In fact, there is nothing more irresponsible than putting donors before the interests of our taxpayers. It is clear to me the Colonial School Board and Plymouth Council do not have its citizens best interest at heart. They have been throughly coached to spew the same lie over and over again.

According to them, this isn’t a union vs non union issue. This is about creating a safe environment for our children and nothing less. Kevin Dwyer said I should be ashamed for trying to politicize the whole thing, but I have every reason to be skeptical. There is absolutely no evidence that safety standards are cut by contractors who may bid on the job. There is no history in our school district tied to a specific event which could lead us to believe otherwise. If there is no problem, what is there to fix?

And the proposers of this policy are absolutely correct. This isn’t a union vs non union issue. This is about politicians who are using our children as an excuse to implement policy for the sake of political gain. What the evidence does support, is that these politicians have been funded by the very same people who will best benefit from this policy. It doesn’t take much research to figure out who these groups may  be, and the puppets who support this spoke loud and clear at the meeting.

My opponent Matt Bradford was one of them. In doing so, not only has he exposed himself to prove he is nothing more than a tool for his donors, but he is out of touch with the people of his district. No one in the 70th wants this, Democrat or Republican. Mr. Bradford is also a member of the Clarke law firm, which as we know, Michael Clarke himself wrote the RCO.

I as a candidate for State Representative intend to expose Matt for having a conflict of interest. This isn’t for the better of our kids or the community, but rather a move to satisfy his donors.

– Chris Mundiath