Stan Casacio and “others” behind signs blaming Democrats for traffic and closed roads

Yesterday reported on signs that popped up in Whitemarsh Township that blamed Democrats for traffic and closed roads and bridges.

In the comments, a reader posted an image of a Facebook comment from Stan Casacio dating back to October 9th that mentions signs being worked on that address traffic. Casacio, a Republican, is currently running for Montgomery County Controller.

This morning we sent Casacio a Facebook message asking if he was behind the signs that recently went up in Whitemarsh. He replied (unedited):

Yes & others we are just fed up with poor management just unbelievable that it takes 30 minutes to 1/4 miles

Lost business for many shop owers this did not have happen we offered many suggestions long before these closure & were laughed off. We actually raised money & offered it to help solve the problem

We asked if the organization that is listed on the signs “Montgomery County Citizens for the Truth” is a real organization and who the “others” mentioned are. We have not received an answer to these questions.

More to come if necessary.

Photo: Headshot, Stan Casacio’s Facebook. Note MoreThanTheCurve added text and image of sign