Spring Mill Farmers’ Market – J’s GourAmaze Fine Foods and Baked Goods (Including Gluten Free)

A former stage magician, Chef Jay Howard founded J’s GourAmaze Fine Foods and Baked Goods in 1995. His company’s mission statement is to handcraft delicious and unique products from around the globe known as The “Ate” Wonders of the World.

By combining cooking and baking with science, love, and magic, Jay makes delicious prepared foods, cakes, breads, and more paying tribute to the cuisines of many different countries. Some of Jay’s specialties include items from Eastern Europe like his famous Stuffin’ Puffs and Strudel Puffs.

Recently Jay has mastered the art of making that famous Turkish confection made from ground sesame seeds known as Halvah, which he has aptly named, Genii Tahini. J’s GourAmaze is also famous for their line of Gluten Free products which are known as their G.reat F.lavors line. Jay has successfully figured out the science that makes his gluten free breads, bagels, pizza crusts, and other baked goods rise properly and taste great, even rivaling their wheat based cousins.

New for 2016 Chef Jay is debuting his line of sugar free, high fiber, low calorie products called Sweeeet Dreeeemzzzzz that not only taste great, but have no sugar alcohols and no high fructose corn syrup. All of the products at J’s GourAmaze Fine Foods and Baked Goods are produced in Montgomery County, PA with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and sold at farmers markets in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties. Chef Jay welcomes you to stop by and “Taste The Magic” of J’s GourAmaze real soon.

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The Spring Mill Farmers Market opens on Sunday, May 8th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at East Hector and Elm Streets in Conshohocken. It is held every Sunday at that time and place through October.

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This year we are partnering with Yoga Home to bring outdoor yoga to the Spring Mill Farmers’ Market. Kerri and Maura from Yoga Home shared:

At Yoga Home, we are committed to extending our practice beyond the studio doors. For us, this includes making sustainable and responsible choices for our bodies and the environment.

We are thrilled to be an official sponsor of Spring Mill Farmer’s Market. a partnership that gets you outside, supports local farms and promotes healthy eating! From Memorial Day through Labor Day we’ll be offering $5 Community Yoga classes, every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. What a great start to your Sunday!