Sports Illustrated Profiled the Relationship Between Conshohocken Businessman and Meek Mill

As reported on April 24th, the helicopter that picked-up Meek Mill from prison was owned by Michael Rubin. Rubin. a friend of Meek Mill, owns Kynetic, a Conshohocken based business that operates e-commerce businesses Fanatics, ShopRunner and Rue La La. In the above photo Rubin (left) sits with Meek Mill (center) and Kevin Hart (right).

Sports Illustrated published an article yesterday that gives a blow-by-blow on how Rubin learned of Meek Mill’s release, the helicopter taking off, finding a place to land near the prison, traveling to the Sixers game and then what happened during and after the game.

It sounds like the reporter from Sports Illustrated just happened to be interviewing Rubin and just by coincidence Meek Mill was released at the same time.

From Sports Illustrated:

Michael Rubin was sitting in a mahogany leather armchair in his Conshohocken, Pa., office, right leg crossed over left, when the call came. It was 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, and for the last hour Rubin had been passionately discussing his involvement in the Meek Mill case. It has been an intimate battle for him, one he says he felt viscerally compelled to support and one that he has spent one-third of his waking hours the last five months fighting. Meek’s lawyers say they haven’t had to set an alarm since the rapper was locked up in November because Rubin will call them every day, first thing in the morning, and ask, “What are we doing to get him out today?”

It all started with what Rubin labels a “wrongful conviction” in 2007. Then, Rubin says, the case was mangled by an overly strict probation officer and “a dirty, corrupt judge who has a vendetta” against Meek and has used minor technical probation violations to continuously extend his probation (now going on 11 years) and keep him in and out of jail.

“Shut the f— up,” Rubin screamed, jumping out of his seat like a coiled spring shot him skyward. “Are you joking or serious?”

Berkowitz confirmed that he is extremely serious. He just received a call from Desiree Perez at Roc Nation, who had gotten a call from Jordan Sieve, one of Meek’s lawyers. Sieve had received an email from the Supreme Court, an order that stated the rapper was being granted bail.

“Can we go and pick him up right now?” Rubin asked excitedly, while bounding around his office and slapping hands violently with everyone in the room. “I need to call Brian [McMonagle, another of Meek’s lawyers] right now. Get me Brian on the phone. Let me get Meek on the phone. I need to find out how quickly we can get him.”

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Disclosure: Rubin is an investor in Burb Media LLC, the parent company of 

Photo: Kevin Hart’s Instagram