Special Offer: TRUBarre in Lafayette Hill

TRŪBarre is more than a workout studio. When you arrive, you’re greeted like a friend—and if you’ve been to more than one class, chances are you and your instructor really are friends. But it’s not just the staff that gives the studio a neighborhood vibe. It’s the community of like-minded women who sweat together, enduring hour-long stamina-testing barre classes. You’re not going to get a competitive atmosphere in a TRŪBarre class; you’re going to get a comradery of people working toward mutual goals.

TRŪBarre uses isometric movements in order to sculpt lean muscles. Customer testimonials boast results in as few as five classes. What really separates TRŪBarre from other workouts, though, is the mental component: there’s an inherent spiritual aspect to a TRŪBarre class. TRŪBarre operates on a triad of physical, mental, and spiritual health. TRŪBarre is about truly connecting with your body, feeling how muscles you never knew existed shake as they strengthen in real time. After even just one class, you’re going to feel more confident and at peace with yourself. Plus, TRŪBarre offers the full picture of wellness. Owner Robyn Heckler runs nutrition detoxes and workshops to truly intertwine your fitness with your nutrition.

TRŪBarre’s lineup of class offerings has something for everyone. Of course, there’s the tried and true classic TRŪBarre, your go-to class that combines strength enhancing moves with lengthening stretches to deliver calorie-burning classes. If you’re looking to really get your heart rate going, you can try out a TRŪBarre Cardio class. To interject your workout routine with a restorative stretching session, there’s TRŪ Stretch and Sculpt. Then, for the yoga-minded, there is TRŪBarre + Yoga. And new to the agenda is TRŪ Pilates to help rehab your muscles and really find your core.

For MoreThanTheCurve readers, TRŪBarre’s offering a special promotion: $49 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. And since you’re bound to get hooked, if you purchase a membership within that two-week time frame, you’ll get 3 months for $99/month. This is a savings of over $240! TRŪBarre wants to accommodate you! Moving forward, the studio offers dynamic pricing custom-tailored to your needs. It’s never too early to get a head start on your summer body and truly find the TRŪMind + TRŪBody = TRŪSoul connection.