Spamps Announces It Will Close on Sunday, June 15th

The owners of Spamps, Mike and Marcie Spampanito, contacted their staff over the weekend to inform them of their plans to close the restaurant on Sunday, June 15th. Spamps opened in August of 2006 and has been one of the mainstays of Conshohocken’s restaurant since its inception. Below is a letter we received from the Spampinato’s on Sunday:

It is with sadness that we share with you today that over the weekend we informed our staff that we will be closing Spamps on Sunday, June 15th. We want to take this opportunity to thank our tremendous staff for all of their hard work and their loyalty.

We opened Spamps in August 2006 and have worked each day to provide our customers with great food, fun drinks and service. Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to entertain many friends, make new ones and provide a venue for people to have a lot of fun. We really appreciate how many people chose to visit Spamps. We were honored to have your business. What a great town we have in Conshohocken!

Some of our best memories will be of the couples who met at Spamps, had their rehearsal or bridal or baby shower here, and then come back to celebrate an anniversary. We are proud to think the Spamps name will be shared for years to come as the “place mom and dad met”.

We are going to be open all week. We would love for you to stop by for one last cocktail or sushi roll and let us say thank you in person. Plus everyone is invited to Spamps on Sunday for one last bash. Come drink us dry as we say goodbye!

Mike and Marcie Spampinato

There are rumors about a replacement for the space on East 1st Avenue, but no confirmation. Thus far we have only heard names of regional chains. We will have more on this as we learn more.

Over the years covered numerous events hosted by Spampsover. Below are a few photos of the various events. In the comments let us know some of your favorite memories of Spamps.