Spamps and Scoops Partner for Spiked Water Ice

Spamps has introduced “Spamps’ Spiked Scoops” this week, a partnership between the restaurant and Scoops, the ice cream and water ice shop at 5th and Fayette.  Scoops’ owner, Anthony, melds water ice and alcohol to form a summer treat exclusively offered at Spamps. Think you will get a scoop of water ice with a puddle of alcohol at the bottom?  Not so, the alcohol is added while its made and is kept at a very specific temperature.

Spamps serves the spiked water ice in a beach bucket (serves 10) for $30.00 or an individual portion for $6.00.  In the dining room it is served as a dessert and at the bar as a drink.  Each week there will be a featured flavor.  The flavor being offered right now is Wild Strawberry Vodka with Mango Water Ice.  Next up will be Whipped Vodka with Peach Water Ice.  Feel free to share your suggestions for new flavors with Marcie at Spamps or Anthony at Scoops.