Someone in Conshohocken is Selling a Stanky Alligator on

So apparently someone in Conshohocken got into more than he could handle when he bought a 4 1/2′ alligator. Not only that, his wife didn’t approve. Here is the ad for the alligator that was posted on

4 1/2foot my husband brought it 2 months ago against my wishes. I’m scared to touch it and so is he, hints we cant clean the tank. It has my whole downstairs stanking Has to go ASAP! 550.00 with everything. He paid 850.00 in total for gator tank light and filter. I’m letting it go for cheap! also I have a crate to transport the gator.YOU HAVE TO GET HIM OUT INTO THE GRATE DUMP THE LITTLE BIT OF WATER.

Put a big [sic] on the above because there are a lot of grammatical errors in the entire post we don’t want you to think we made. The [sic] designation is used to show that the quote had grammatical mistakes not made by the person using the quote. Please note we removed the phone number from the quote.

Anyhow, if you want to stank up your basement and/or potentially lose a finger, click here to see the original ad and how to contact the seller.