Someone Calls Us Fake News, We Prove Them Wrong

Someone finally posted on’s Rant and Raves about us. Unfortunately for this uninformed person, he or she gets it all wrong. Our critic has an issue with what zip code we associate the Black Horse area with. Black Horse is similar to Broad Axe, Connaughton, Cedar Heights and Spring Mill. These are names of geographic areas that are important names historically, but today are little used neighbor names.

But first, lets read the post labeling fake news:

How can this guy who seeks to remain anonymous conflate Black Horse as being Plymouth Meeting?

Black Horse has the Norristown zip 19401, nowhere near the still extant Quaker Plymouth Meeting, this in relation to his unsigned story of a new WAWA superstore in you guessed it – Plymouth Meeting.

It falls in line with fake news where locations are stretched by his advertisers, the realtors and restaurants, at the cost of true location as though it’s safe when dark. We’re talking the gateway to Norristown on the Ridge which is a known drug highway to hell.

That being said the Black Horse Tavern is right there and has good pool tables and food, just not an area for everyone to visit such as your Mom.

We have made two recent posts about the Black Horse area. One involves the new Wawa and the other was a home for sale. We pulled up the property records for both and both are in Plymouth Township. Both have a 19462 zip code, which means they have a Plymouth Meeting address. We did some further research into Black Horse this morning. We can’t be sure that some portion of Black Horse doesn’t fall in Norristown, however, every address we posted about falls within Plymouth Township and has the 19462 zip code.

The new Wawa’s property record:

The house listing we posted:

And since the poster mentions the Black Horse Tavern, well that is in Plymouth Township too:

The addressing of this area is tricky. For example, the new Wawa at 1300 Ridge Pike is being constructed at what use to be the home of Norris Sales. Norris Sales moved to a new facility on 1010 Conshohocken Road. Both of these properties are located within Plymouth Township, however, the Ridge Pike location has a Plymouth Meeting address and the Conshohocken Road address has a Conshohocken address. All that means is what post office they get their mail delivered from.

The accusation is that we are saying Black Horse is Plymouth Meeting to make it sound more attractive. The poster wants to associate it with Norristown, which is factually incorrect for all the mentioned addresses. So in this incidence, we are not fake news.