So What is Happening with the Former Spamps’ Space?

We get asked about what is going to happen with the Spamps’ space at least once a day. Since Spamps closed there have been several rumors, some based in truth, others not, circulating about who has inquired and looked at the space. Over the past couple of years the rumor mill was that PJ Whelihan’s had wanted the space, but backed out of a deal, and that Barnaby’s had also looked at it.

From what we are told, the deal that got the closest to being done was a sushi restaurant. One rumor was that it was the same ownership of Blue Fin, and another rumor was that it was someone out of New Jersey. Either way, as of a few weeks ago, it appeared the deal was off, or at least cooled down. We have also heard that the building’s owner is also open to converting the former restaurant into office space.

The latest rumor we heard, and this is at least three weeks old, was that the owners of The Lucky Dog in Lafayette Hill were looking at the space.

So that is pretty much what we have heard over the past couple of months. Keep you posted if we hear anything else.