Sinkhole on Property of Parc Apartments in Plymouth Meeting

There is another sink hole in Plymouth Meeting. This new one is on the property of Parc Apartments. The sink hole is situated at the edge of a parking area and a retention basin. The location is marked with a red dot in the image above.

This is the second sink hole to occur in this area of Plymouth Meeting since August. The first one, on Butler Pike, has closed a portion of that road since it occurred. We are told there is a third sink hole in a wooded area along 476 in this area, but we haven’t confirmed that.

A sink hole, very close to the latest one, in 2015 closed Plymouth Road between Germantown Pike and Butler Pike for several months.

This current sink hole is just a few feet from Plymouth Road. Imagine if it was a few more feet larger or opened up into the road? With the existing closure of nearby portion of Butler Pike there would be no way in this immediate area to get to Germantown Pike from Butler except to go to Joshua Road.