Should David Gannon (D) Have Recused Himself From the Vote for the RCO in Plymouth Township?

Pretty much every local politician now refuses to answer questions asked by Plymouth Township’s David Gannon (D) is the latest. The excuse they use is that we do not live in their municipality or school district.

Please note, we do not believe they have to answer the questions. Freedom of the press does not demand it.

The question we had for Gannon, who serves on Plymouth Township’s Council, is in regards to his vote to pass a “Responsible Contractors” ordinance. Gannon voted with the majority 4-1 to pass it.

Gannon made this post on Facebook detailing why he supported the adoption of the ordinance: asked this question in the comments of his post:

Does the organization you work for meet the required apprentice program standard or operate or participate in such a program? If yes, did you seek an opinion on whether you should recuse yourself from this issue?

According to a document outlining contacts for the Carpenters Union in the region, Gannon is listed as the “Team Lead and Local 167 President.” Within the regional Carpenters Union website there is a button for “Apprenticeship” that leads to a page that details how the program works and has an application.

In his Facebook post, Gannon mentions that having an apprentice program that meets certain graduation rates is a requirement for bidders on public projects in Plymouth Township under the ordinance he voted for. If the organization he works for is part of such an apprentice program (the application is on its website as we showed) then there could be a conflict of interest.

Our question is a very legitimate question.

Since we can’t get an answer, if you think this is a relevant question, and you live in Plymouth Township, email Gannon at and ask for an answer. Let us know what you find out.