Shake Shack Coming to Outside of the Plymouth Meeting Mall in 2020

Shake Shack is opening within the ring of restaurants outside of the Plymouth Meeting Mall in 2020. reported on this earlier and we have confirmed it with the PREIT, the owner of the mall.

According to, there will be two restaurants located in the parking lot in front of the new Dick’s Sporting Goods (the side facing Germantown Pike). The occupant of the other restaurant space is not yet known.

While we know we have a lot of peoples’ attention, we would like to point out why the transparency pledge we are asking local candidates to sign is important.

Here is what the agenda for the public meeting in Plymouth Township states when referring to the approval of the two restaurant spaces at the mall (it is letter F):

That tells the public nothing.

One of the 10 items in the transparency pledge is that agendas will provide lay language as well as the legal terminology. So for this item, what could have been included is that the “Council will consider approving two additional restaurant spaces at the Plymouth Meeting Mall.”

And while two new restaurants at the mall is not something anyone would really be concerned with, the same minimal description is how very important topics are included on agendas (and this isn’t just a Plymouth issue).

Thus far no incumbents have signed the pledge.

Photo: Shake Shack