Seventh Heaven Property has Zoning Hearing in Whitemarsh Township on November 8th

The property that was formerly home to Seventh Heaven (AKA “The Conshy Ballet”) is scheduled for a zoning hearing in Whitemarsh Township on Wednesday, November 8th. The hearing is at 7:00 p.m. at Whitemarsh’s Township Building at 616 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill.

As has reported, the purchaser of the property is planning for 12 apartments with ground floor retail/office space.

Below is the zoning notice:

ZHB#2017-37: Seventh, LLC c/o Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates, Inc., 1032 E. Hector Street and 1029 Spring Mill Avenue, Conshohocken, PA; Parcel #’s 650005578009 & 650010741003; Block 009; Units 005 & 004; HVY-Heavy Industrial District & RDD2-Riverfront Development Sub-district 2. The Applicant proposes to demolish the former ‘7th Heaven’ gentlemen’s club building and replace it with a new mixed use building with a 6300-square foot footprint, containing ground floor offices and two additional floors of apartments (total of 12 apartments). The development is proposed under the RDD-2 zoning requirements. The site is unique in that it has frontages on three streets—E. Hector Street, Lee Street, and Spring Mill Avenue. The Applicants are requesting the following relief: Variance from Section 116-24.E.(3)(a) to permit parking as an accessory use in the front yard, as a result of the multiple frontages of this property.

Confirmation/Interpretation and in the alternative a Variance from Section 116-24.D.(3) to allow an accessory use to cover more than 30% of the area of the required rear yard. Parking is the accessory use. Variance from Section 116-283.C.(2) to reduce the requirement of at least one 3-inch caliper tree in the cross-referenced section in the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance to one 2.5-inch caliper tree, for every two parking spaces. Confirmation/Interpretation and in the alternative a Variance from Section 116.184.E. to permit the parking areas with the dimensions and physical arrangement as shown on the applicant’s plan. Confirmation/Interpretation and in the alternative Variances from Sections 116-11 and 116-33.D. to allow the building to be placed partially within the ultimate
rights-of-way wherein the front yard is not measured from said line as required by Section 116-11. and to be so located without a special permit from the Board of Supervisors as required by Section 116-33.D. Confirmation/Interpretation and in the alternative Variances from Sections 116-282.E. and 116-184.D.(5) to allow 37 parking spaces in lieu of the 45 required by these sections, given the mixed uses which have complementary peak parking demands .