Senate Race Comes to Conshohocken

Congressman Lou Barletta (R, 11th Congressional District) brought his campaign for Senate to Conshohocken today. During the afternoon Barletta walked along Fayette Street visiting businesses, the police department and talked with those walking by.

Barletta came to prominence in 2006 when as Mayor of Hazleton he led the effort to create an ordinance that would penalize landlords and businesses that harbored or hired illegal immigrants. From Hazleton, he went on to win a seat in Congress and is now attempting to make the move to the Senate.

While he known for his views on immigration, his campaign is stressing his support of President Trump’s recent tax cut.  Barletta’s is facing incumbent Bob Casey (D), who voted against it.

Photo: Barletta is pictured left with former Mayor Bob Frost (center) and Kevin Lukens (right).