See What Second Dog Park in Conshohocken Will Look Like

During last night’s Borough Council meeting in Conshohocken, two members of the Dog Park Committee, Marissa Buck and Mackenzie Breinlinger, provided an update om the current dog park along the river front and the new dog park (rendering above) that is planned for Haines & Salvati Memorial Park just off West Elm Street.

Here is the update:

  • The big improvement at the current dog park was the addition of lights, so the park could be used at night
  • Regarding the new dog park, the committee recommended that the basketball courts that exist at the park now be removed. This was recommended for safety concerns. Playground equipment has already been removed
  • The dog parks will continue to be membership driven, even though the Borough has now taken over control of the original park from the non-profit that managed it when it was conceived and first operated. It was built on public land with private funds and was to operate without public money

No word on when the new dog park is set to open.

You can become a member by clicking here.