Second Seamless page pops up with Plymouth Meeting Mall’s address. Plus, more on Flavortown

Earlier this month on November 12th, reported that delivery service Seamless had created a page for Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen with an address of 500 West Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting. That address is the Plymouth Meeting Mall’s address. In a follow-up article, a representative of the mall stated that they had no idea why its address was used and knew nothing about it.

This morning we noticed a second Seamless page with the same general address at the mall. This time it’s for a restaurant called MrBeast Burger. While we had trouble finding any information on Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, MrBeast Burger has a website and a Twitter account.

MrBeastBurger is a virtual restaurant, meaning it offers its meals via delivery only from another restaurant’s kitchen (a ghost kitchen). It’s website actively seeks restaurants to submit information to be considered for a new location.

In our November 12th article, we speculated that Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen was a virtual restaurant. After discovering MrBeastBurger’s Seamless page, we went back to reexamine the page of Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen.

The logo used is very small, but when you blow it up, you can see that at the bottom it has text that reads, ” Dynamite Food, Travels Fast.” The fact that it includes “Travels Fast” leads us to believe it’s a delivery-only restaurant.

So where does this leave us? Either a restaurant or restaurants at the mall are going to partner with these brands for virtual restaurants/ghost kitchens or there is a commercial kitchen being established at the mall where someone is going to operate multiple ghost kitchens or virtual restaurants. It could also be that Seamless just uses the mall’s address in some type of generic way before it makes pages live with their true addresses.

Neither Seamless page is accepting orders yet. More to come.

Photo: MrBeast Burger