Second Conshohocken Candidate Signs Transparency Pledge

Kris Waller a Republican running to represent Ward 7 on Conshohocken’s Borough Council, is the second candidate in Conshohocken to sign’s transparency pledge. Joe Ferrigno (R) who is running in Ward 1 submitted his signed pledge earlier this week.

The pledge offers 10 items (some easy, some hard) that provide for a more open and transparent local government and school board. Some of the boards already do some of the things listed, others do very few.

For example, the Colonial School District publishes videos of meetings quickly and in a way that is easy to use. The Borough of Conshohocken publishes videos in a way that is not user-friendly. For example, you can’t embed the videos (meaning we can’t add them to at a certain point in the video to allow readers to watch a portion of a meeting when writing about a topic that was discussed).

Waller is a first-time candidate and will face incumbent Colleen Leonard (D) on November 5th. Leonard is the current President of Conshohocken’s Borough Council.

You can view Waller’s pledge here.