School Board Member Encourages Fellow Democrats to Offer Fresh Perspectives to Local Democratic Party Committee Meeting

Former Whitemarsh Township Supervisor and current Colonial School Board Member Cathy Peduzzi (D) made an interesting post on Facebook recently. In the post she encourages local Democrats to attend the Wednesday, October 10th meeting of the Colonial Democrats (that is Conshy, Whitemarsh and Plymouth) from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. at the Conshohocken Free Library to offer “fresh perspectives.”

Peduzzi told recently that she does not feel she would receive the endorsement of the party if she were to run for re-election to the school board.

Debate among the school board members have revealed a rift between local Democrats. It is basically, do you go along with what local party boss Jason Salus wants or do you want to act independently.

Most recently, Peduzzi and three other Democrats on the school board voted against a “Responsible Contractors” policy. Similar policies and ordinances are something Democratic Party controlled municipalities and school boards adopt to be friendly with organized labor. Peduzzi and the other Democrats didn’t vote that way because they don’t believe in a core Democratic Party principal, but mainly due to the process of how it was handed down and moved forward.

See Peduzzi’s post below: