Save the Sutcliffe Park Roundabout AKA Spinny Thing

The Borough of Conshohocken is updating its parks, which will include new playground equipment. Aubrey Collins Park has already been updated and Sutcliffe Park’s playground is next. Sutcliffe’s playground was roped off with caution tape on Friday and the equipment will be be removed next week. It will be replaced in the spring. We will have an article with more detail on this next week.

However, We have an almost five year old, who has played at least once at every park in the area. Out of all those parks, some with fancy new playground equipment, there is only one piece of playground equipment he requests by name. When we announce we are going to a park, he will say, “Can we go to the park with the spinny thing.”

So lets save the “spinny thing!”

If you agree, right click the image below and share on your social media and email your council person.