Saturday morning update on the sinkhole on Plymouth Road in Plymouth Meeting

This morning we went to check out the status of the sinkhole on Plymouth Road in Plymouth Meeting. On Friday, April 15th, a sinkhole was discovered on the road and a portion of the road was closed.

There is now a construction vehicle on-site. We were there at 8:00 a.m. and at that time no one was working at the site. The roadway is a state road and thus far PennDOT has not issued any type of update or advisory that we can find.

This morning the closed portion of Plymouth Road is the same as yesterday. You can not turn onto Plymouth Road from Butler Pike. The turning lanes are coned off and there is signage at the intersection.

You can drive from Germantown Pike to Butler Pike and make a left or right turn onto Butler Pike.

The CVS entrance and exit on Plymouth Road are closed. The only way to reach the CVS is via Butler Pike.

The apartments can be reached via Plymouth Road coming from Germantown Pike. It also has an entrance/exit on Butler Pike.

Cold Point Village (homes, plus several businesses like Argula Ristorante, Gravity Hair Salon, Remix Fitness) can be reached via Plymouth Road coming from Germantown Pike. There is also an entrance/exit on Butler Pike.

From 476 you can exit onto Plymouth Road and drive to Germantown Pike and Butler Pike. You can not reach the 476 entrance off Plymouth Road from Butler Pike, but can from Germantown Pike.

While We Were There…

We were in the area of the sinkhole for about 10 minutes this morning and while there two people attempted to cut through the CVS parking lot from Butler Pike to reach Plymouth Road. Don’t try it as the CVS entrance/exit on Plymouth Road is completely blocked off.

We also witnessed someone ignore the signs to not turn off Butler Pike onto Plymouth Road and speed in the wrong lanes in an effort to get beyond the spot of the sinkhole while there was no oncoming traffic.