Royal Farms seeking zoning relief to open store in Conshohocken

In February reported on a proposal to bring a Royal Farms to 906 Ridge Pike in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township). That proposal is now going to appear on the agenda of Plymouth Township’s Planning Agency on Wednesday, April 6th.

The convenience store/gas station known for its fried chicken is seeking two special exceptions and two variances from the zoning code. They are as follows:

  • A special exception to permit a gasoline filling station as an accessory to the Royal Farms convenience store
  • A special exception to permit a sign of larger size on a lot with a street frontage in excess of one hundred ten (110) feet, but allowing one (1) square foot area for every two (2) feet of street frontage in excess of one hundred (100) feet, but not in excess of one hundred thirty-five (135) square feet
  • A variance to permit the total sign area on any one street frontage to exceed sixty-five (65) square feet
  • A variance to permit a free-standing sign to exceed twenty (20) feet in height

When we last reported on this proposal, the comments on the article were most concerned with how people would enter and exit the property. The plans attached to the zoning application show two right-turn-only entrances onto the property from Ridge Pike and Alan Wood Road. Alan Wood Road also has an entrance/exit at the back of the property. There is no way to exit the property onto Ridge Pike. You can view the plans here (page 6).

The planning agency can make a recommendation on the proposal to the township’s zoning hearing board. The zoning hearing board will make the actual determination on the requests for zoning relief.

The planning agency meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Great Plymouth Community Center on Jolly Road.