Riverfront Townhomes on Agenda for Whitemarsh’s Zoning Hearing Board on November 7th

On the agenda for Whitemarsh’s Zoning Hearing Board on Wednesday, November 7th at 7:00 p.m. is the proposal to build 75 townhomes at 901 Washington Street on the riverfront in Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township).

You can view the plans here.

Below is the notice:

ZHB#2018-26: 901 Washington Partners, LP, 901 Washington Street, Conshohocken, PA; Parcel #65-00-12672-00-7; Block 010 & 011; Units 026 & 039; HVY-Heavy Industrial District; RDD-1 Riverfront Development Overlay District Sub-district 1; Floodplain Conservation Overlay District; Riparian Corridor Conservation Overlay District. The Applicant is proposing to redevelop the property for 75 townhouses (single-family attached dwelling units) with parking beneath. The following relief is requested: 1. Special exception under § 116-166.A.(1) to permit water-related uses and activities such as marinas, docks, wharves and piers in the floodway. An emergency boat launch is proposed. 2. Variance from § 116-165. to permit structures within the Floodplain Conservation District that are not permitted under this section. 3. Variance from § 116-280.H to permit an exclusively residential development where a minimum of two percent (2%) of the footprint area of a residential development is required to contain a permitted nonresidential use. 4. Variance from § 116-281.A.(7)(a) to permit a building height of four habitable (4) stories above the floodplain where the maximum building height permitted for a single-family house is three (3) habitable stories above the floodplain. 5. Variance from § 116-281.A.(8) to permit impervious coverage greater than the permitted 75%, though the Applicant proposes to reduce impervious coverage from the previous existing condition of the Property. 6. Variance from § 116-281.A.(9) to permit the proposed area of riverfront open space to be included in the calculation of total tract area. This section requires riverfront open space to be netted out of the tract area when computing impervious and building coverages. 7. Variance from § 116-284.A. to permit a reduction in the required riverfront area of 150 feet, such that the area may be reduced to not less than 45 feet in width.

The meeting will be held at the Whitemarsh Township building at 616 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill.