Results from the Reader Poll on the Salus Allegations

In a recent article, we offered readers the chance to participate in a poll (which is very unscientific) on what they thought would be the best outcome of the recent situation involving the allegation that Jason Salus (Montgomery County Treasurer, Democratic Party Area Leader for Conshy, Whitemarsh, Plymouth, and insurance salesman) threatened a local business owner over his association with

Here are the results:

We shared the above image so everyone could see we did not alter the results we outline below. There are some good ones (the ones that asked questions, we will answer as well)!

42.5% – Salus should resign from his elected and party positions.

48.4% – If Salus doesn’t resign, he should be removed from office and his party positions.

7.8% – If Salus doesn’t resign, he should stay in office, but be removed from his party positions.

9.8% – This is no big deal.

And now the fun ones. If the response was more of a question, we do answer it. The answer is italicized. All represent individually 0.07%.

  • That call is a form of extortion (especially since he is in a “power” position. He should not only be forced to resign but be charged with the crime that fits!
  • The call was a form of extortion. He should not only be forced to resign but also be charged with the crime! I do not want to live in a corrupt town!
  • Candidates should address what they think of the situation.
  • Tar and feather.
  • He should resign and Kevin should sue for defamation of character
  • If true,indefensible. But it could have been somebody posing as Salus in an effort to make him look worse. Is Pieri well acquainted enough with Salus to recognize him via phone or did he take claim at face value? Answer, yes. Salus is not a stranger to Pieri. They have talked in person, talked on the phone, etc. According to Pieri, Salus called him a few month ago and asked him to run for Mayor. 
  • morethanthecurve trying to drive traffic. $$$
  • MTTC is a JOKE!!!!! Kevin is scum. He uses his “news” site to push his own agenda. Too lazy to run for anything and instead just hides behind his computer.
  • Criminal Investigation (follow the worm hole)
  • Public response from Jason Salus on the issues and allegations.
  • Build a fire with the Inquirer’s political desk…John Baer. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
  • Keep your conservative politics out of this site. You accused someone of wrongdoing with zero evidence. You’re not a real journalist. I won’t visit this site and I won’t attend your events. And I’m not alone.
  • Candidates should address this behavior
  • Those screen sjots (sic) did look anti semetic (sic) to me. If they werent (sic), why not post them here? Answer – First, you spelled Semitic wrong and you should capitalize it. We have a couple close Jewish friends, a Jewish business partner and a host of Jewish people we are Facebook friends with. And not once, in all my years of posting my personal political beliefs online (but never on MTTC) has one said that I sound anti-Semitic. Salus has been, and is still our Facebook friend, since 2009. He never said a word. Our Jewish friends have actually come to our defense over this issue. However, if you like, you can find the screen caps in question on the Conshohocken Democrats Facebook page (apparently Salus has such a stranglehold on the local party that Conshohocken’s elected Democrats and candidates can’t get him to take down the attack on us).
  • This is dishonest push poll intended to further your right wing agenda. You have no integrity. Answer – see below. 

To break the hearts of the people calling us scum and dishonest, we want to share some history between and Jason Salus.

Salus was our “Conshy Celebrity” back in December of 2009.

When we needed information on candidates in local elections, we would email him and he would almost always respond. This has occurred almost every election since 2009. In later years, we had gotten to know more people, so we didn’t need a go-between as much.

Most recently, we contacted Salus during the last Presidential election. Trump opened an office in Conshy and was doing events out of the office. We emailed Salus and asked him to post on the local Democrat Facebook pages (including the one currently attacking us) similar information about the Clinton campaign. We are capable of covering both sides fairly here on Here is the Facebook message between us:


So there you have it. More to come.