Republican Robert Stokley Responds to Accusations Made by Opponent

Yesterday, residents in Conshohocken’s Ward 6 received a flyer from their incumbent Republican Robert Stokley.  Stokley is running for re-election to Borough Council. Through the flyer, Stokley attacks his opponent, Democrat Kevin Dwyer, who recently sent out a flyer that accused Stokley of profiting off his position on Borough Council.

From the front of the flyer (pictured above):

  • Stokley is correct that Dwyer took a $5,000 donation from the plumbers union and asks what the union will want from Dwyer in return. That is a basic political concern.
  • Stokley references a Facebook post Dwyer made about police presence in Ward 6. You can read’s article about that here.
  • Stokley states that Dwyer has no municipal experience. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • Stokley says that Dwyer has been telling people he lives in a “big home on West 10th Avenue” and that he doesn’t own any property in Conshohocken. This is the homeowner vs. renter argument.
  • The final one is the most problematic. Stokley states that Dwyer doesn’t pay “local and school real estate tax.” If Dwyer isn’t a property owner, he isn’t required to pay real estate taxes. The property owner builds it into the rent and the money passes from the renter to the property owner. This is a second stab at the homeowner vs. renter argument.

Below is the back of the flyer. On the right, the red circle contains an image of the flyer distributed by Dwyer. Stokley has printed “lies” across it. The text to the left is a laundry list of Stokley’s monetary contributions to the community.

The voters of Ward 6 have a tough decision to make. Stokley has not answered’s question about why he recused himself from the vote to create a fourth special zoning district that now allows for a hotel and larger office buildings at West Elm and Fayette. Dwyer made a very serious accusation about Stokley (“Career Politician Bob Stokley has been making big bucks from developers after voting to approve their projects.”) and when asked by to provide evidence, he didn’t answer.

These aren’t hard questions, unless you don’t have a good answer for them.

Good luck on Tuesday.