Republican Robert Stokley has Raised Exactly Zero Dollars According to His Latest Campaign Finance Statement

Yesterday published a campaign financial report from Kevin Dwyer, the Democratic Party candidate for Conshohocken’s Ward 6. It showed a $5,000 donation from the plumbers union. Dwyer responded back on Facebook that his sister works there and that “I’m not getting paid by any developers.”

The developer comment refers to the accusation, including a printed piece that was distributed, that Robert Stokley, the Republican incumbent, is making money off the developers doing business in Conshohocken. On that Facebook thread, asked what the evidence is regarding the accusation against Stokley. We even offered to publish this information if it was provided. He didn’t respond. The offer still stands.

Yesterday we also were secured from Montco Voter Services a bunch of campaign financial statements from various candidates and political committees. We don’t think we got everything we asked for and we also think we failed to request things we wanted. So we will be going back today to try to remedy that.

However, we did get Robert Stokley’s campaign financial statements from his 2013 and 2017 campaigns. Please note that the 2017 information only goes through October 18th. There will be additional campaign financial statements available after that point, but are not available yet.

So thus far, for his 2017 campaign, Stokley has raised zero dollars (see the image at the top of the article).

In 2013, there are three campaign finance reports that show donations. All together he raised $7,725.00. The biggest single contribution is $1,000 from the local Republican committee. The vast majority of donations are in increments of $100, $150 and $250 (of those, most are no more than $150). There are five donations of $300 and one donation of $400.

Nothing jumps out after our review. We are happy to share the documents with anyone who would also like to review them (and show us where we are wrong).