Report on Hazmat Incident at Kennedy Crossing off North Lane

Today on Facebook we made a few posts regarding an incident today at the Kennedy Crossing community off North Lane in Conshohocken/Plymouth Township. We have communicated with a small handful of people in the neighborhood and someone we trust who spoke with one of the first responders who was inside the house. What we are told is that last night a man allegedly mixed sulfuric and formic acids in the hopes of generating enough carbon monoxide overnight to kill himself while he slept. One report says he set-up the mixes in up to four rooms. He woke up this morning and realized it hadn’t worked.

This morning he tried to remix the acids and ended up burning himself. One report says he did this by accident and another on purpose. We are also not clear on how the authorities were alerted, but they were and responded. Once authorities arrived, neighbors started coming outside and were told to go back into their homes. North Lane was also closed. Eventually the man was washed down by the a Hazmat team and taken to the hospital. A neighbor reported to us seeing a man in Hazmat suit on the front lawn.

The Hazmat team found that the acid had burned through flooring in the home and eventually the fire department boarded up the house.

There were several comments on Facebook suggesting it was a meth lab. That was not the case. If we learn anything new we will provide another update.

Please note that the information has not been confirmed by official sources.

Photo courtesy of a reader.