Report from the Tasting Held by Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery

We were invited to attend a special tasting by the Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery on Tuesday, October 8th at the Devil’s Den, which has the same ownership. The brewery was going to be debuting some of its beers. Since we do not know all that much about beer, we decided to send the president of a local home brew club, Michael Michael Oraschewsky, in our place and report back. Below is his report:

I was already excited for the old General Lafayette to reopen as the Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery before tonight, but after tasting brewer Scott Morrison’s upcoming beers I am excited for all of you too. While I am not huge fan of the obligatory IPAs which dominate the taps at almost every taste conscious bar, I am quite impressed with the spins Morrison has put on them and his other beers. Surrounded by food critics and some real deal beer aficionados, I was treated to some fine offerings.

The standout for me was the Belgian Golden, which they paired with mussels with leeks, bacon and apples. Morrison’s Duvel-inspired recipe may well surpass its muse and was bold enough to hang with the rich creamy broth that bathed the mussels. I also enjoyed the Imperial Hoppy Pilsner. Yes, I know the name makes no sense but I calmed down after the brew master explained how it was crafted. It is a Pils, but with more malt and extra German hops. A great compromise for this admitted IPA hater.

There was also a trendy, but well executed Double Berliner Weisse and a Belgium Single called Belgium Galaxy IPA that is going to have people talking. The tasting closed with Biere de Octobre, a beer that made you think France and wine, due to its sweet malt flavors and its dry wine like finish.

The night wasn’t completely about beer. Attendees also enjoyed oysters, which went great great with the Biere de Octobre, Pork Belly Ruebens, Mushrooms Gratin, and Pork Skewers.

barren hill invite


Stay tuned for details on the opening. It is expect sometime within the month.