Renderings of Warehouses Planned for Romano Property at Belvoir and Gallagher Roads in Plymouth Meeting

On May 19th, reported on a plan to construct two warehouses on the Romano property located at Belvoir and Gallagher Roads in Plymouth Meeting. The property is currently home to a bus depot and a field.

According to the letter sent to neighbors by the property owner, they had hoped to construct a residential community, but Plymouth Township was not supportive of that idea. Warehouses are an approved use within the zoning district in question.

As the below zoning map shows, the property is part of the industrial zoned land that exists if you follow Gallagher Road from the Metroplex to Belvoir Road. This specific portion is adjacent to some residential uses.

The property involved basically is the triangle surrounding the red dot. It is currently a school bus depot and open fields.

The plan calls for two warehouses (referred to on the renderings as Warehouse A and B).

Warehouse A is at the corner of Belvoir and Gallagher. The dotted line you see on the right side of the building and parking lot is the estimated 100 year flood plane line.
Warehouse B is on Gallagher Road. The smaller dotted line is the estimated 100 year flood plane line.

Below is an image from the renderings that show what the zoning requires and what the plan provides. For example, within the zoning a building can only be 50′ high. The buildings as shown are 50′ high.

On June 3rd at 7:00 p.m., the property owners will go before Plymouth Council to present the plan. The meeting will be held at the Plymouth Township Building at 700 Belvoir Road in Plymouth Meeting.

Images: Provided by reader. Zoning map from Plymouth Township.