Removing residential uses on the riverfront and reducing notifications to neighbors on agenda for Conshohocken’s Planning Commission

There are four issues on the March 10th agenda for Conshohocken’s Planning Commission. The meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at the borough hall.

The first involves the Preliminary/Final Minor Subdivision and Land Development Application for 124 West 1st Avenue.

The second involves a proposed ordinance to remove residential uses in the special zoning districts that make up the riverfront. There is only one significant undeveloped property remaining (read more here).

The third item involves a proposed ordinance that would amend the zoning code in two ways. The first reduces the distance requirement from 500 feet to 250 feet for when nearby property owners must be notified. Under the current ordinance, if you live within 500 feet of a property seeking zoning relief you have to be notified by the borough. If the rule is changed, this would be reduced to 250 feet. The second extends the amount of time that it takes for an approval to expire. This second change is being driven by the increase in the amount of time to begin a project due to supplies and labor.

The fourth item involves the failed zoning amendment to allow a Wawa along the 1200 block of Fayette Street. Since the Commonwealth Court found the amendment to be spot zoning, the borough has to act to remove the language from the zoning code.

The members of the planning commission can offer a recommendation to borough council who will consider the adoption of the proposed ordinances in the future.