Recap of the Zoning Hearing Regarding the Proposed Convenience Story and Gas Station

Last night the Zoning Hearing Board held its first of two hearings this week in regards to the proposed convenience store and gas station. The developer hopes to redevelop the former Moore Chevrolet property to build the store and gas pumps.

The first part of the hearing was focused on wrapping up the testimony of a civil engineer on behalf of the developer. The lawyer representing the residents opposing the development cross examined the witness and was met by numerous objections from the developer’s attorney.

After a short recess, the attorney for the developer called Tim Moore to testify. Moore is one of the owners of the property and his testimony was basically establishing a history of his family operating a car dealership at the property. This involved putting into the record car sales transactions from this year and going back decades.  They also entered into the record a series of documents that detailed the developers agreement with the Moore’s and Wawa being removed from the agreements.

The hearing ended during Moore’s testimony and will continue Thursday, July 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington Fire Company.