Read the Parking Study for the Proposed New Zoning District in Conshohocken

As we reported, Conshohocken’s Borough Council is currently considering creating a new zoning district that would permit a hotel and larger office buildings along the unit block of Fayette Street.

Almost all of the hearings have involved parking and traffic. At the last hearing on January 4th, Keystone Property Group, the developer proposing the new district, presented a parking study. One thing the study included was how many parking spaces are available in downtown Conshohocken throughout the day. If you regularly park in the downtown area, or live within a couple blocks of downtown, you will find this interesting.

You can download the study here. Let us know what you think.

One thing regarding better government and allowing the public to be more engaged. This document was posted to the Borough’s website AFTER the hearing. While the public is allowed to be present at the hearing and ask questions, shouldn’t these type of documents be made available to the public PRIOR to the hearing? We were shocked when we saw this document on the Borough’s website. Other similar documents haven’t been posted in the past. Hopefully this is a new policy. If there is some legal reason, the law needs to be changed.