Read the Letter Conshohocken Sent to PennDOT Asking for Evaluation of Truck Traffic on West Elm Street

Last week we reported on a letter that was sent by the Borough of Conshohocken to PennDOT asking for the evaluation of restricting truck traffic on West Elm Street. We couldn’t share with you the letter, because the Borough wanted us to file a Right-t0-Know, which is ridiculous for a letter of this nature.

Here is the letter, sorry that it is a little blurry, someone randomly sent it to us.

If you can’t read it, it basically states that West Elm is of a “residential nature” and because of on-street parking, narrow lanes and the bend at Old Elm Street, the truck traffic doesn’t seem compatible.

The letter was sent on May 10th. We will try to find out if PennDOT has responded.