Read the Argument Against a Wawa on Fayette Street

Back in 2013, the developers of a proposed Wawa took the first step in the process of getting a proposed text amendment approved. The text amendment would have allowed a Wawa with gas pumps within the Residential-Office zoning district at 12th and Fayette.  This fist step, before the Planning Commission, was unsuccessful by a vote of two to one.

As we have reported, the developer is back with a new proposal to allow a Wawa at the same location. We recently received a copy of the statement that was prepared by the then Chair of the Planning Commission, David Bertram (he no longer serves on the Planning Commission), that details why the previous proposal shouldn’t have been approved.

Bertram focused on three areas when making his determination:

  • Why the Residential-Office zoning district was created (the intent)
  • The land use recommendations for the Residential-Office zoning district outlined in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan
  • The objectives and strategies outlined for economic development found in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan

You can download and read Bertram’s reasoning here. It will be interesting to see if the issues outlined by Bertram are addressed in the presentation for  the new proposal.

The new proposal, which you can read here, is on the agenda for the Planning Commission on Thursday, September 14th at 7:00 p.m.