Rapper Kool Keith Spent Six Weeks in Conshohocken and Doesn’t Sound Happy About It

Rapper Kool Keith, who has a long history releasing music, recorded his album Black Elvis/Lost in Space in Conshohocken. The album was released in 1999. In the song he expresses displeasure with his manager who he felt spent his money while recording for six weeks in Conshy. He was also displeased with the record labels involved due to what he felt was a lack of proper promotion for the album. From Wikipedia:

Kool Keith was displeased with the lack of promotion for the Black Elvis project, and vented his frustrations about his label on the songs “Release Date” and “Test Press.” He also published the e-mail addresses of several Ruffhouse executives, asking his fans to demand better promotion.

Ruffhouse was based in Conshy. Hear the Conshohocken reference below (it occurs in the first minute):