Rants – My Neighbor is Using His Leaf Blower Today

Today’s strong winds apparently didn’t deter one Plymouth Meeting resident from getting out the leaf blower and blowing around some leaves.

This bothered a neighbor, who took to CraigsList.com’s Rants & Raves to complain about it. Here is the post:

Today the wind is gusting to 50mph and he’s out with his incredibly loud gas powered leaf blower. Instead of leaving the dead leaves behind his fence to compost he’s blowing them onto his yard where the wind is blowing them in all directions, including onto my yard. This guy has a fetish for noisy lawn equipment.

About once a week even in winter he dons his shoulder mounted leaf blower to blow off 5 leaves on his driveway, destroying the peace and quiet. Mows his lawn twice a week in summer.

This is not normal neighborly behavior.