Questions Not Answered – Plymouth Township Council Member Chris Manero (D)

This is a new feature. We are going to start posting questions that we posed to local politicians and officials that never were answered.

Recently we noticed that Plymouth Township Council Member (and current candidate for re-election) Chris Manero posted on Facebook about Verizon’s rate hikes and executive compensation. Below is the post:

That got us thinking. Plymouth’s Council is considering how to fund renovations of its township building and one funding source being considered is selling Plymouth’s sewer system.

Numerous communities in Pennsylvania have been selling off their sewer systems recently and Aqua is a big buyer of them (read an article from

While short term rate freezes are often negotiated into the sale, once the freeze expires, rates go up (in Limerick, where the system was sold to Aqua, it is projected that rates will go up 84% according to the article we linked to above).

Via email we asked Manero if he would commit to not selling the sewer system to an entity that had executives making millions while they raised rates.

We did not receive a response (we tried twice).