Protest planned at Joe Gale’s home in Plymouth Meeting

The Plymouth Township Police Department sent out a notice today that provides details about a “large-scale peaceful protest” planned for Launfall Road on Sunday, June 7th. Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale lives on that street with his parents. Launfall Road is a residential street that is in the neighborhood behind Mission BBQ.

Gale is under fire due to the statement he made earlier this week about Black Lives Matter and has since faced censure from his fellow county commissioners and calls to resign. On Thursday there was a protest at the county courthouse in Norristown that was mainly focused on him.

The notice from the police department doesn’t provide a specific time for the protest, just that it will occur in the afternoon. Below is the notice:

This is a message from the Plymouth Township Police Department. We have been advised that there will be a large-scale peaceful protest in the area of Launfall Road on Sunday June 7, 2020 in the afternoon hours. Residents of Launfall Road, and any surrounding streets, may want to consider parking off site by the morning of the event; as a matter of convenience only. In the event any resident has the need for police, fire or medical response, we will immediately address your concerns. Additionally, we will make every attempt to assist any resident who needs to leave their house, however emergencies will take precedent and the safety of protesters and neighbors must be taken into account. Thank you.

Photo: Protesters at the protest against Gale on Thursday in Norristown.