Proposed Wawa Loses Vote by Borough Council 6-1

Last evening Borough Council rejected by a vote of six to one the proposed Text Amendment to allow a convenience store and gas station at the former Moore Chevrolet dealership at 11th and Fayette.  The vote was held at the end of a regular meeting of Borough Council and other items on the agenda included a presentation from Plymouth Township to thank Conshohocken for its’ support in the aftermath of the death of Officer Brad Fox and a second presentation to recognize Conshohocken Italian Bakery on its 40th anniversary.  There was also a discussion on the creation of rules for the new helipad and what hours it can be operated.

When the vote was taken regarding the Wawa, Councilman Ike Griffin from Ward 2 made a motion to not amend the zoning code and Council members Raj Gupta (Ward 1), Anita Barton (Ward 4), Bob Stokely (Ward 6), Eddie Phipps (Ward 7) and Paul McConnell (Ward 3) voted with Griffin.  Councilman Matt Ryan (Ward 5) was the only vote to support changing the zoning code.  According to council members I spoke with, they felt that the developers/Wawa never provided a sufficient reason to amend the zoning code.

While the proposed Wawa has lost votes in the Planning Commission and now Borough Council, they still have other avenues to attempt to be approved.  They could go to court or go through the Zoning Board.

Stay tuned, it may not be over.