Proposed “Sober House” Before Whitemarsh’s Zoning Hearing Board on July 12th

A proposed “Sober House” will be before Whitemarsh Township’s Zoning Heard Board on Thursday, July 12th at 7:00 p.m. From the agenda:

ZHB#2017-42: Legacy House, LLC, and Liberation Way, LLC on behalf of its housing division previously operated by Legacy House, LLC, 650 Church Road, Flourtown, PA; Parcel #65-00-02200-00-3, Block #057A; Unit #053; A-Residential District; Recreational District Overlay. The Applicant operates a “Sober House,” a mid-to long-term residential home for disabled persons suffering from addiction disorders, at the Property. The Applicant is requesting the following relief with respect to this use: 1. The Applicant requests a Special Exception under Section 116-36.1 for use of the property as a Group Home known as a “Sober House”, along with any variances from the definition of “Group Home” in Section 116-11 as needed to the extent that the Sober House proposed use may differ from said definition. 2. In the alternative, the Applicant appeals the decision of the Zoning Officer dated September 15, 2017, and requests that the Zoning Hearing Board grant a reasonable accommodation to allow the proposed use to qualify as a “family” as defined by Section 116-11, with a related request for a variance from the “nonprofit” requirement in the Ordinance. This Application was continued from the May 17, 2018 hearing; by letter dated June 4, 2018, the Applicant has requested a continuance of this hearing to July 12, 2018 and it was granted.

The meeting will be held at the Whitemarsh Township Building at 616 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill.