Proposals for Verizon Building Heavily Redacted

Yesterday we published the two proposals submitted to redevelop the Verizon Building, the old fire house and the grass area next to Washies.  We had been told previously there would be certain information redacted and was initially surprised to only see two figures redacted in the Keystone proposal.  The proposal from Brandywine didn’t appear to have anything redacted.

An alert local observer called me and pointed a whole section of the proposal from Brandywine was missing.  If you compare the Table of Contents to what was provide to you see that Section 5, except for Exhibits, is missing.  Since the quality of the scan sucks (yea, it does), it is impossible to see if whole pages were removed from the Keystone proposal.

We emailed the Redevelopment Authority this morning to ask if it was just scanned wrong or if whole pages were redacted. The answer was that whole pages were redacted.  We requested to know which pages/sections were redacted and if there was an appeal process.

We did do an analysis based on what we were able to gleam from what was provided.  We will post that in a bit.

As the Times Herald reported, these proposals will likely be discussed in an Executive Session of Borough Council on August 7th. What does Executive Discussion mean?  You can go, media can’t go and there are no minutes kept.

Keep you updated.