Proposal for car garage condos, event space, and track on agenda for Whitemarsh’s Planning Commission

On the agenda for the December 14th meeting of Whitemarsh Township’s Planning Commission is a proposal to construct a facility that would include condominium garages to store vehicles, event spaces, and a driving track on just under 24 acres near the intersection of Militia Hill Road and Stenton Avenue in Plymouth Meeting (Whitemarsh Township). The facility would be named Abbey Motor Park.

This item is on the agenda as a sketch plan review. This means that the developer is gauging the reaction to the proposal and determining if it is a viable plan to move forward with. Thus far in the process the township’s zoning officer (pg. 64), the township’s engineer (pg. 67), the township’s fire marshall (pg. 75), and the county’s planning commission (pg. 88) have reviewed the proposal. The reviews point out a large number of issues with the proposal, however, the county’s planning commission states that the township should consider whether the current zoning for this area (campus-type limited industrial district) serves the area the best.

The review document from the county’s planning commission refers to the track as a “racetrack,” however, that term is not exclusively used. “Driving safety course” is used on the agenda and “driving course” is used elsewhere in the county’s document. How the track is used would impact the noise from the facility.

The meeting is on Tuesday, December 14th at 7:00 p.m. at the township building at 616 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill.

Image: MH Stenton LLC