Property that is now Victory Fields was almost townshouses. Now playing fields and 3,492,471 gallon water basin

During a recent Colonial School Board committee meeting that came after the recent tropical storm that brought flooding to the area, there was a presentation on how the Victory Fields complex is constructed to purposely fill and hold water.

The presentation provides a little history, such as the property that is now Victory Fields was at one point in 1999 going to be a townhouse community, but the school district and Whitemarsh Township moved to condemn the property and prevented that plan from going forward.

Fields three and four form a detention basin that is approximately 200,000 square feet. Originally the basin held 2,791,693 gallons of water, which was required to handle a 100-year storm.

Eventually, the height around the basin was raised to allow for 3,492,471 gallons of water, an increase of 700,778 gallons of stormwater. This allows the basin to hold 25%, over the required amount for a 100-year storm.

So when there is a storm and you see the fields filled with water, the stormwater management program for that area is working as intended.

You can view the presentation here.

Photo: Submitted by reader