Promises of Destination Wedding at Toby Keith’s Rented Hawaiian Estate Part of Lafayette Hill Con Job

A former Lafayette Hill resident (300 block of Andorra Glen Court), David Lawrence Jensen, agreed to a plea deal resulting from a con job that involved him promising a local woman, and her family, a destination wedding at Toby Keith’s rented Hawaiian estate.

Jensen met the victim in Nashville and moved in with her in Lafayette Hill and they became engaged. While living with her he opened up credit cards in her name and convinced his fiance and her family to provide him money to cover the cost of the destination wedding. After the first wedding was canceled due to a variety of excuses offered by Jensen, a second wedding date was set and during the planning process a member of the family became suspicious.

The Times Herald has a blow-by-blow of the con job as it was laid out in the arresting affidavit and in court. The plea agreement requires Jensen to pay $252,000 in restitution to the victims, serve two-and-a-half to five years in state prison, and be on probation for five years.