Power out for Christmas morning across the region

The power is out to 53,165 accounts across the Philadelphia region on Christmas morning due to the overnight storm that brought heavy rains and winds.

Below is the breakdown of the local outages:on what we know about the outages:

This outage off Old Elm Street is impacting 131 accounts at the border of the Borough of Conshohocken and Plymouth Township. It is still listed as “pending assessment” and there is no restoration time listed.

These three outages in Whitemarsh Township are impacting about 40 accounts total. The one along Barren Hill Road is the largest impacting 29 accounts. They are still being assessed and no restoration time is provided.

There are four outages in Whitemarsh Township along Joshua Road between Germantown Pike and Flourtown Road. They are all impacting less than five accounts, except the one closest to Hillside Road which is impacting 26 accounts. All our pending assessment and no restoration time is provided.

In Plymouth Township, there is a small outage in front of the mall impacting less than five accounts. Along Butler Pike near Harriet Wetherill Park, there is an outage impacting 23 accounts. The one along Narcissa Road near Julian Court is impacting less than five accounts and the one on Anthony Drive is impacting 14 accounts. All are under assessment and no restoration time is provided.